"Recovery Through Community"

Thank you for your support as we embark on a journey to assist those in need during their addiction recovery in honor of Christopher Walden, who lost his battle September 21st, 2019. 

In Chris's honor, we will fight for those in need and join together as a community to battle addiction. We have launched two key initiatives:

The Christopher Walden House Of Hope

The Christopher Walden Pay It Forward Movement 

See below for information on how to donate, get involved, order Pay It Forward Cards and more. Thank you for supporting the movement as we embark on an epic journey in the battle against addiction.

Welcome to the Christopher Walden House of Hope! The Christopher Walden House of Hope will be a non-profit 16-bed facility for those in need of immediate intense care. We're aiming to have the first facility launch  September 21st, 2021 in Anchorage or the Valley with more facilities planned throughout Alaska in the following years. 

Why are we launching this mission? Throughout Christopher’s battle with addiction, we found Alaska lacking in available, affordable facilities for open demographic Alaskans battling addiction. As we see the difficulty in those battling addiction, coming back to Alaska after treatments elsewhere and the hardship of trying to acclimatize in a very different area to where they received treatment, we see a need for more facilities serving open demographics in our home state.


We will also be focusing on re-acclimatization of the people we serve through job opportunities on site and additional programs to help. Right now we are planning on a providing on-the-job training for recovery clients with the intent of opening an onsite coffee shop and car detailing.  This will allow clients to be able to interface with the public, giving them a sense of self-worth and confidence that so many lack and potential to earn a small salary.  Any additional profits made will go back into the facility to provide top quality good holistic real life care for clients and a semblance of life outside of the world they have come from.  


            Join the journey and tag us at @christopherwaldenhouseofhope

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How can you help? We are actively partnering with corporate, individual and organizational sponsors as we believe only by coming together as a community will we be able to achieve this mission! Details below on how to get involved!

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Welcome to the Christoper Walden Pay It Forward Initiative! Christopher Walden Pay It Forward Movement Cards are in honor of Christopher Walden and are to be given along with a small gesture of kindness that makes a difference in someone else's day. For example, paying for someone's coffee behind you in the drive-thru line or with a tip at a restaurant. We would love to see your creativity how you Pay It Forward! We want to see these cards in everyone's hands from Alaska and beyond! Order your cards below and start paying it forward! 


Please share your pictures on social media to help spread the initiative and change lives!

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How can you help? Order your Christopher Walden Pay It Forward Cards below and start paying it forward! 

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